7 years ago I was 13 stone and not doing any sport. I had done some road running many years ago but not to any standard. My blood pressure went off the chart and I was told by the doctor to join a gym, hence I joined the Warwickshire. I spent a year doing treadmill and cross training 3 or 4 times a week and then decided to run the Kenilworth Half Marathon. I did a reasonable time of 1:36 so also joined Kenilworth Runners. I’ve worked out 6 times a week since then, either at running club or the Warwickshire (where I now do all my speed reps on the treadmill). The outcome? I am now 10 stone, this year I was selected to run for England at marathon over 65 level (I am 68) and I won the V65 British Championships Gold Medal at the Chester Marathon.

David P

I have been really impressed with the help and encouragement that I have been given by the team at The Warwickshire. Whilst trying to achieve my goals of losing ten kilos, the gym staff have been enthusiastic, energetic and encouraging in helping me to lose weight, eat more sensibly and improve my fitness. I am especially glad that they remained interested in supporting me through the early weeks with regular changes in my programme, keeping up the regular "weigh-in" schedule and developing my confidence to try different classes. The gym staff are there to help you set realistic targets and celebrate with you when you reach them. The classes are helpful and the staff have really understood how to judge the different abilities in the class and keep everyone pushing to reach their own level of achievement.

Jane B

So the question is, why do I use the gym and go to classes nearly every day? Of course, most people use the gym to get fitter and stronger, to lose weight and keep the body flexible. But equally important to me is the stimulation of my mind, which makes me feel more alive! I use a huge variety of the classes on offer, with great instructors. Since the refurbishment of the gym floor, I use the new functional area and the kinesis machines. I am even boxing at the age of 61, with help and encouragement from the gym team, all of whom are very approachable. I have some way to go to reach my target but with my willpower and the help of the team I have no doubt that I will achieve it. It's a great club, great gym and staff, great instructors, great facilities - what more could you want? Just go for it!

Julie B

The gym is very well equipped with a wide range of fitness equipment and classes available. It has greatly helped me feel fitter and lose weight. It's all set in a nice environment and the trainers are all encouraging and helpful.

Paul B

It was a pretty good set-up already, but the recent investment has improved things even further. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Ian O

A focus and target is what you need in the gym area to achieve the results you want. The gym staff have been excellent in listening to what I am looking for in a workout and putting together a programme to achieve it - something that is realistic but testing. They are also good at catching up with you in the gym or emailing you after you've been doing your new programme for a few weeks, to see how you are getting on and to book another review. Frequent reviews with the team mean you can update your programme to make sure your body doesn't get used to doing the same thing, you don't get bored and you don't lose focus. They are great!

Tracy H

The upgraded gym is superb and the gym team who look after us are first class. Friendly, professional and fun. Makes training a pleasure, not a chore! Thanks all.

Peter L

The staff in the gym are very helpful and motivational. I've come on 100% thanks to a friendly bunch.

Adrian B

At the beginning of the year I made a New Year’s resolution to improve my fitness and to lose weight. Previously I would swim everyday but rarely used the gym. I now come in four times per week as well as swimming on four mornings! I have upped my exercise routine of cardio and body weight training and also made huge changes to my eating habits with the help of an app. I also cut out tea and coffee, In just a few months, I lost 4.4kg, 3.1% body fat and also dropped a dress size!

Emma G