Friday 10th January 2020

Over the next few weeks we will be focussing on reconstructing the bunker on 4 kings. We are aiming to reinstate the hole to something that closer resembles how it was constructed initially. Originally, there were 2 bunkers down the sides of the green. Currently there is one large bunker that is costly to maintain.

As it stands the bunker face is constantly requiring edging from the face collapsing and sand replacing. We aim to create two smaller bunkers at each end of the existing bunker with a large apron complex between them.

We want to both improve the appearance of the hole and allow us to maintain a much higher standard of surface in this area. The larger apron through the middle will give us more options for traffic management. Large walk off areas and approaches have worked well for use elsewhere on the course so this is something we are keen to encourage.

To begin with we will be removing all of the sand build up on the existing bunker face with an excavator, then shape the new bunkers and approach with material sourced locally. The speed of this process will be determined by the weather, but we hope to complete the shaping and earthworks by the end of January. After this, the area will need to be turfed which is dependent on the weather and availability of turf from suppliers. The bunker will be GUR for the time being.

We are continuing our aeration programme on the greens, when the weather allows, to maintain good drainage and keep the surface breathing through these difficult months.

Our goal is to do as much as we can to ensure our surfaces are healthy throughout the winter period and are strong enough going into spring to give us a good start to the season… Only 10-13 weeks to go!

The green staff would like to thank the members for their patience during the last two difficult months of dreadful weather. We understand the frustrations! We do not like to close the golf course in any capacity and it has been extremely tough on occasion to make that decision. It is never done lightly and is always for the protection of the course so we can maintain high standards for everyone to enjoy.