Please note that the classes listed below are available across The Club Company and may not always be available at your club. We review and update our timetable three times per year and take all member feedback into account.



Body Attack
Sports-inspired cardio to the latest fun and hard-hitting tunes. Improves agility, co-ordination, strength & endurance, heart & lung fitness.

Step-based cardio with a fun and funky soundtrack. Improves heart & lung fitness, agility and co-ordination, strength & endurance.

Body Combat
Martial arts inspired cardio that tones and shapes while improving self-confidence.



A cardio and conditioning class using hand weights, steps and mats. Increases upper and lower body strength while maximising heart and lung fitness.

Body Pump
Weight-based resistance training using barbells, plates and steps. Increases strength and endurance, tones and shapes, and helps to maintain bone health.

Low impact functional training using balls and resistance tubes. Improves your core strength.

High intensity interval training with upbeat and dynamic tunes to get you motivated. Increases heart and lung fitness, improves muscle tone, and increases energy.



Dance your way to fitness with this Latin-inspired fitness party! Increases heart and lung fitness, improves muscle tone and co-ordination, and increases your energy levels.

Dance-inspired cardio to the latest chart-topping hits. Burns fat and improves co-ordination.

Inspired by Strictly Come Dancing, this class uses Latin and ballroom dance steps to increase heart and lung fitness, and improve muscle tone and co-ordination.



Improve core strength, mobility and fliexibility to a background of calming, relaxing music.

Tai Chi
This martial arts inspired class uses a stability ball to improve muscle strength in the legs, as well as improving your balance and general mobility.

Increase your core strength and find your inner calm.

Body Balance
A combination of yoga, tai chi and pilates. Improves your joint flexibility and range of motion while enhancing your wellbeing.



Upbeat and motivating tunes taking you on the ultimate cycle journey! Improves your heart and lung fitness as well as your strength and endurance.



Low impact aerobics, using the water's natural resistance to tone and shape the body. Goes easy on the joints while still burning an average of 400 calories per class.