Golf Tip of the Month – It’s All About Balance

Jun 2, 2017 13:271 year ago

Modern golf shoes are amazing - they give fantastic grip, great traction and can add yards to your shots.

Don’t agree? Try making a swing in the kitchen just wearing socks! You’ll have no grip and be unable to swing at any reasonable speed.

However, these brilliant shoes unfortunately can mask deficiencies in your technique and balance.

So while the weather is kind, take off your shoes and socks. Make a full swing and finish like the pros. If you look like Rory - fully balanced, belt buckle facing the target, all your weight on your left side, right heel up and looking to the target - that's 10 out of 10. If you’re in a heap on the floor, your balance might need some work.

Now make 10 swings and measure your finish – you’ll be amazed how much more power and accuracy you will achieve.