Golf Academy

The Golf Academy at The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club offers golfers of all ages and abilities first class tuition at one of the best teaching and practice facilities in Warwickshire. It is the ideal place to learn or perfect your golf. Using resident golf professionals, The Warwickshire Golf Academy provides a variety of teaching solutions from traditional coaching to state of the art techniques. The team are well equipped to coach all standards of player - junior or senior, novice or single figure handicapper.

Starting off in our Driving Range and Practice Area, and moving on to our par 3 course, you will be competent enough to take on our superb 18 hole Championship Courses in no time.

The Driving Range is the optimum setting to benefit from the expertise of our on-site PGA Golf Professionals and get some one-on-one golf lessons or use the video teaching studio. By tailoring golf lessons to the individual and focusing on the areas requiring improvement, golf lessons the club are effective and beneficial.

Golf lessons at The Warwickshire are run by Ace Golf Academy. Click here to visit their website and find out more.

Tuition For All Levels


Concentrates on the fundamental aspects of the game, from set-up to long-game, short game and putting actions, rules and etiquette, equipment choices and introduction to the golf course environment, while ensuring that you have fun during every step of the learning process.


Allows you to refine your technique through increased knowledge and understanding of your golf swing. Assisted improvement and progression is attained through the latest analysis systems and techniques, while your development is increased through the introduction of additional holistic coaching areas, such as the physical and mental elements of the game.


Focuses on every aspect of the game that can affect performance, including technique, equipment, physique, strength and conditioning, and psychological training. Our professionals use the latest, most innovative equipment available, ultimately providing you with the tools to develop your game to its optimum potential.

To find out more about golf lessons at The Warwickshire, call the team on 01926 409409.