Is Reformer Pilates for you?

Club Reformer brings real Reformer Pilates to The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club

Reformer Pilates is a hidden gem in the exercise world, with its understated movements and unusual equipment. This premium form of Pilates is now on offer at The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club for members and non-members. 

Who better to explain what a Club Reformer class is really like than a regular class devotee? 

We asked three attendees of our exclusive Reformer Pilates classes to tell us exactly why they love Reformer - and why they’d encourage everyone to take up the offer of a complimentary class.

“My back pain has completely disappeared - Reformer Pilates is the best all-round exercise I’ve ever done” - Gaynor

Gaynor Vaughan from Kenilworth took early retirement after 25 years in a desk-based job, but years of neck, back, and shoulder pain followed her home from the office. She saw a chiropractor, but the discomfort wasn’t going away. 

“My main activity was running, but I knew I should do more strength exercises. I’d never been into the idea of group exercise classes, but Club Reformer is a revelation. The environment is lovely, you get 1-on-1 attention from the instructors.” 

Gaynor had a lot of questions about the Reformer equipment - after all, it’s not something you see every day - but the wonderful Club Reformer instructors helped her throughout every class. “They explain how to do every exercise, how much resistance to put on, and they'll even change it for you so you can remain in position. Once I’d done one or two classes it became second nature. The Reformer is really comfortable to use, unlike some gym equipment. It’s actually quite relaxing.” Gaynor says she prefers Reformer to mat Pilates because there’s always room for progress as you work with the resistance of the machine. 

“I started off quite light but can feel my strength increasing and see visible tone in my legs, arms and core. All my aches and pains have completely disappeared.” 

Gaynor now does Club Reformer class and running, and says it’s the best combination of cardio, strength, toning and stretching she’s ever found.

“Reformer Pilates is such a great all-rounder. It targets muscles you didn’t know you had. Some of the exercises really build up a sweat, and you always feel you’ve had a good workout. Try a free taster session, you won’t look back!”

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“Club Reformer has given me my confidence back. My diary now revolves around classes - it’s my priority” - Karen

Karen Duggan from Leek Wootton used to be a keen gym-goer until knee surgery kept her out of action. Her physiotherapist recommended Reformer Pilates to rebuild her strength - and her confidence. 

“My knee surgery and recovery left me unsure about what my body was capable of. I’m so grateful for Club Reformer. I worried that I wouldn’t be fit or strong enough to start, but I had nothing to worry about. Reformer Pilates has helped me get my fitness, strength and flexibility back. I felt the benefits within a couple of classes, and I’m completely pain-free now.” 

Karen recalls that she couldn't lift her back off the Reformer when she started, and now she can do a full shoulder stand. 

“I saw significant changes in my strength and fitness very quickly, I’ve surprised myself. And it’s not just about the physical benefits. Club Reformer has given me confidence in my abilities, and a calming space to work on my own progress. I have nothing but positive things to say about it.” 

Club Reformer has changed the way Karen views Pilates, giving her more of a workout than some of her old gym sessions but in a much more supportive and comfortable atmosphere. 

“You’re not looking at what anybody else is doing, so it feels like a personal class in a group setting. Everyone is so friendly - you feel very safe and cared for.” 

Reformer will always be Karen’s priority, but she says it’s given her the confidence to try other classes at The Warwickshire, which in turn is boosting her fitness further. 

“Fitness used to be an effort, but Reformer makes me feel really good. Even if I’m stressed or tired, there's just something about it. You get immersed in the movement and always come out feeling energised.”

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“I was never a sporty person but Reformer Pilates is the secret recipe for that lovely toned look.” - Claudia

Claudia Rivers lives in Combrook but spends a lot of time in London where she’d always admired the graceful strength of Reformer Pilates women. When she discovered the great-value Club Reformer classes at The Warwickshire, she needed no convincing. 

“I’ve never enjoyed strength work in the gym, but love the classic Pilates look - I can spot it a mile off these days! Whilst some forms of exercise seem to treat the female form as an afterthought, Pilates is an elegant way to get the muscle tone we all need. After all, no one has ever suffered from getting stronger as they get older.” 

Claudia wanted to work with her body, not force it to be something else, and that’s exactly what Reformer Pilates does. “I could never get my arms to tone up the way I wanted them to with gym sessions, but Reformer has achieved it very quickly. And it’s fun - a full body workout that’s 75% lying down. Who wouldn’t want that!” Claudia admits to being worried about holding the rest of the class back, but quickly realised that’s impossible. 

“Everyone is going at their own pace. It’s quite a reflective form of exercise, you take things at your own speed and have the chance to focus inwards. And people in class are so encouraging of everyone else’s progress.” 

Claudia jokingly calls Club Reformer the ultimate lazy-girl workout, referring to the prone exercises and comfortable equipment, but is serious about the results it’s given her. 

“It’s important to work on your strength, posture and core as you get older. I never thought I’d enjoy a workout this much. You make such fast progress and feel it the next day! It’s really rewarding. I’m so pleased I found Club Reformer - everyone should try it.” 

Book your free 60-minute Club Reformer Pilates class by clicking the link below. With 15 classes across the week to choose from, we hope you’ll be able to come and experience the Club Reformer magic.

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