The Warwickshire underwent an incredible gym transformation in May 2023, with a new layout, improved aesthetics and a huge range of fantastic new Technogym equipment, including ranges such as Excite Live, Pure Strength, Biostrength and more.

The Warwickshire's gym layout is designed to create a flow between zones, providing an easier transition during workouts. The layout diverts sessions into focus zones, with our cardio zone filled with cardiovascular equipment in the middle, a strength zone to the right and conditioningresistance featuring biostrength equipment and stretching areas to the left of the cardiovascular area. A good, well-balanced programme should focus on all these areas to provide a holistic wellness experience.

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Cardio Zone

Our Cardio Zone is located in the centre of the gym and provides a warm welcome and lovely views of our golf course and grounds.

From lowering blood pressure to regulating weight, there are so many benefits to cardiovascular training. In our Cardio Zone you’ll find machines designed to get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing, from running machines to bikes, rowers and cross trainers. The system now features Technogym Live, which includes TG Sessions and TG Routines with the amazing content developed by their coaching team.

Each time you visit the gym, your progress can be tracked with Technogym's mywellness app. This allows you to track all your health and movement data, including indoor and outdoor training, sports activities, daily movement and body measurements.

Excite Live

The interactive experience of Excite Live lets you immerse yourself with a variety of entertainment options during your workout, such as browsing the internet, connecting with friends, or watching an episode of your favourite show. You can even charge your phone with its Universal Wireless Charger.

Resistance Zone

The Resistance Zone is located towards the far end of the gym, between the Cardio and Free Weights Zone. Whether a seasoned gym goer or an absolute beginner, resistance training should form an important part of your workout routine. Using fixed resistance equipment allows you to isolate specific muscle groups which can help with rehabilitation, specific muscle growth and ironing out imbalances.

Personalise your strength training

Biostrength is made of a compressor system that regulates the resistance of the machine according to what’s been programmed for you. This means no more changing the pins in the weight stack. You can use different ways to train, such as drop sets, elastic band training and Viscous training.

Biostrength helps you train with the correct workload, range of motion, posture and speed of execution while even indicating the number of sets and repetitions, as well as optimal recovery times.

Strength Zone and Free Weights

Next to the Resistance Zone you’ll find the Free Weights Zone. Tone muscle, improve strength & increase power in our free weights area featuring dumbbells, bars, plates, cable machines, barbells and fixed resistance equipment.

Using free weights is a great way to build muscle and increase bone density over time, making your body work harder than if you were using stationary strength training machines.

The Cable crossover has given way to a Dual Adjustable pulley, which is more compact and has given us more space to fit a Cable machine with four stations. We also welcome three Technogym Pure Strength line machines, the Chest Press, Low Row and Leg Press. These are plate-loaded articulated machines that give the opportunity to work both sides or in isolation in a more effective way. We’ll also have a Lift Zone with a Deadlift platform and Olympic bars.

Conditioning Zone

On the near side of the gym, there's a fantastic space to work on conditioning, either during a gym class or as part of a regular workout.

Get stuck into activities which mimic everyday life movements with range of kit which delivers multi-directional exercises that help improve day to day movement & fitness. No matter your age, ability or time available, functional training focuses on moving your body in multiple directions at different speeds to engage every muscle in the body.

This area will now be home to Technogym Skill Runs, Skill Rows and Skill Benches, Wattbikes, Skiergs, a sled track, Escape fitness Tiyr, Sandbags, Competition Kettlebells and adjustable hurdles.

Go further with Technogym Skill Equipment

Free your inner athlete and discover equipment designed to achieve top sporting performances. Created with research institutes and renowned universities, the Skill equipment is designed to help athletes achieve peak performance.

Stretch and Core Zone

The stretching zone is equipped with two Technogym Flexability machines (hamstrings and hip flexors), as well as their Toolstation, with Swiss balls, BOSUs and Balance blocks.

Staying flexible and working on your mobility not only helps to improve your performance in physical activities, but also decreases your risk of injury, reduces muscle tension and soreness and helps your joints to move through their full range of motion.

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